F&M Plastics cares about your world. We want a safe and clean environment for you, your children and their children.

Environment, Health & Safety, Materials and Ethics

F&M Plastics has tremendous care for the environment. We want a safe and clean environment for generations to come. We are committed to the efficient use of resources, preventing pollution, and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and products. We will make every effort to preserve the environment, air, water, land and climate.

We inspire to achieve zero harm to our employees. F&M Plastics belief is that all injuries can be prevented. Responsibility starts with each one of us. As such we will consult with our employees in decisions that affect the health and safety aspects of our workplace, products and services.

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Who is F&M Plastics?

Started in the mid 1960’s. F&M Plastics was one of the first PVC dipping companies in the Mid-West. This new industry started with sewer baffles, chain saw covers & mud flaps. With huge growth in the 80’s F&M Plastics became a leader in PVC coatings with products from wire display racks, airport luggage carts, zoo hand rails and more. F&M Plastics now is one of the leaders in PVC dipping, coating & molding plastisols, we have customers around the world. Our markets include medical, toys, hand tools, lawn & garden, automotive, appliances, masking, protection , recreation, exercise, industrial, construction equipment, safety, HVAC and much more and has continued to grow and now includes urethanes molding & coatings to their product line.

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