F&M Plastics cares about your world. We want a safe and clean environment for you, your children and their children.

Environment, Health & Safety, Materials and Ethics

F&M Plastics has tremendous care for our employees, our community, and the environment.  We strive to improve our operations, reduce waste, and operate efficiently, thus having a positive impact on the environment. Further, we engage our entire workforce in our objective of building a Safety-First Culture!

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Who is F&M Plastics?

Started in the late 1960’s, F&M Plastics was one of the first PVC dip-molding companies in the upper Mid-West. The early days had us producing items such as sewer baffles, chainsaw covers, mud flaps, and wire display racks. F&M Plastics, now a leader in pvc dip-molding & coating, along with urethane molding & coating, serves a customer base across the globe. Our markets include medical, industrial, hand tools, lawn & garden, automotive, appliance, masking, protection, recreation, exercise, construction, mining, safety, HVAC, and much more. F&M Plastics also offers a wide variety of processes to include: punching, pad printing, cutting, bagging, and machining.